Saturday, October 16, 2010

One of My New Favorite Things

Summer, unarguably a prepster's favorite time of year (Lilly, Seersucker and Jack's oh my!) While I love me my white jeans and Roller Rabbit tunics just as much as the next prep, by August I'm ready for Barbour coat weather.  There is nothing like the feel of the strong, sturdy but smooth wax in that perfect shade of hunter green or the sound the zipper makes-not the high pitched ziipppp of a Patagonia or North Face fleece, but the chunky, rustic, heavy sound unique to the classic Barbour.  It just makes me want to stand around tailgating with red Solo cups, tartan wool blankets, and my favorite Ray Bans with only the best people.  Whiskey sour anyone?

Okay I'm not indenting this to sound like an Ode to my Barbour coat, but you are beginning to understand the level of my affection.  So you can just imagine how overjoyed I was when I stumbled upon this on JCrew's website:

Barbour Coat Vest/Liner

I mean JCrew has been selling Barbour coats for years, but now Barbour accessories?!?! How fabulous.   I'm picturing the perfect fall outfit for a Sunday stroll through Georgetown:
Barbour jacket
Le Chameau boots

Keep and eye out for me kicking through the leaves while walking down M Street

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