Sunday, October 17, 2010

Am I 55 Yet?

As some of you know I've been spending some time in South Carolina these days, and what feels like my new home away from home, is in my opinion, prep nirvana.  Sun City retirement community is this magical Agrestic-like place that makes the old feel young, and the young wish they were old enough to live there.   What drew me in hook, line and sinker were the plethora of golf carts cruising around (in their own golf cart lane!) I love golf carts like Derek Shepherd loves ferry boats-so the fact that when I turn 55 I can move here and spend all day zooming around in one makes me positively giddy. 

But it's not just the golf carts that makes this place better than the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port.  Let me give you the grand you enter and drive along the main road (along side the golf cart lane of course) you pass the first set tennis courts on the left, followed by the club house that is, among other things, home to an indoor pool and a gym that would make Equinox look dingy.  Just beyond the club house, you'll find the outdoor pool,  another set of tennis courts and bocce ball courts.  Yes I said bocce ball, and yes I meant for courts to be plural.   Bocce ball is up there with family favorite summer pastimes like croquet, badminton, horseshoes and cornhole, but it so often gets overlooked which I consider to be a travesty.   Okay moving on, from there you'll pass the lake, not quite big enough for sailing (I guess you can't always get absolutely everything you want) but it's definitely large enough that one could spend a peaceful afternoon out on a rowboat a la Bridget Jones.  Next comes the golf course.  Slow down and admire the lush green fairways, impressive ruff and glistening white sandtraps.  I can just picture myself tee-ing off in my polo and monogramed golf glove like this one from Club Contessa

Maybe I can get a fake id saying I was born in 1955? If it works my bags are packed and my monogramed golf cart decal is on order! See you there! Bocce ball at 4?

Also from Club Contessa

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