Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Funday

Having friends over for a champagne and dessert party tonight to watch the red carpet and Golden Globes. Tomorrow is a holiday so no one has to worry about getting up early for work!

Get your printable Golden Globes ballot and pass them out to your guests when they arrive and then you can see who's predictions were right!

Also, make your own best dressed ballot for the red carpet, put categories like best light colored dress, best bold color dress, best jewelry, best long dress, best short dress, best hair, best makeup, worst dressed, best old-holloywood looking, overall best dressed etc.  Put a line next to each category and give them pens to fill in the blanks during the red carpet, then after you can all compare notes and come up with who the party thinks is the best dressed! See if the critics agree with you!

I'll be posting my favs tomorrow


  1. I've been meaning to hop over to your blog for a while now, and finally did. This sounds like a fun party idea....perfect for the grammys as well.

    P.S. is the city to your "Prep in the City" New York??

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  3. welcome, thanks for reading! to answer your question i flutter back and forth between the city and in the case of my blog the city is general but specifically 'the city' is always new york