Thursday, January 13, 2011

Saved by the Great White Hope

Last night on ABC a new show started called Off the Map (I'm sure everyone saw at least one of the 23,048,304,820 billion previews ABC has been showing for months)  As a fan of everything Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and the short lived The Deep End I put the show in my TV forecast widget so I would remember to tune in (as if ABC would let me forget)  I was pleasantly entertained for an hour and very much enjoyed looking at the beautiful scenery, beautiful people and mediocre acting.  The actors in the show seem like they have a lot of potential, like Grey's, and Private Practice the actors are people we've seen around the guest-star-on-a-major-tv-show circuit, but no one hugely famous. 

Pilots are hard, so I'll cut them some slack.  Go back and watch the pilot episode of one of your favorite shows...I bet you the setting looks pretty different and the characters have basically a different personality...I think it takes about half a season for a show to finally find its footing.

This show looks like it could be pretty good.  I would recommend tuning in if you are free between 10pm and 11pm on Wednesday night.  If you missed the first episode you can watch it here

Also, check out New York Magazine's Vulture comparison of Grey's and Off the Map

(because doesn't look like a Grey's Anatomy ad at all...)

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